Corporate Training

Effective training builds leaders and loyal employees. Here's what I can bring to your team or business.

Workshops & Webinars

Game-Changing Communication Workshop

This workshop provides participants with multiple skills in preparing for any kind of conversation, becoming clear about the outcome you are looking for, listening, asking questions and giving feedback so that everyone feels “heard.”

Teams that have issues with trust and are dealing with gossiping and/or complaining with benefit from this workshop.

Difficult Conversation Toolkit

Are there conversations that you need to have with business partners, clients or associates but have been avoiding? My Difficult Conversation Toolkit will prepare you or your team to have professional conversations that will lead to the outcomes you desire.

Top Tips for Effective Networking

During this interactive presentation you will learn:

  • Strategies that keep people interested in talking to you
  • Strategies for meeting the ‘right’ people
  • Strategies for building long-term business relationships

Ten Ways to Create Work/Life Balance

During this interactive presentation you will look at ways to maintain a personal life while you succeed in your business life.

Building Great Relationshps in Your Work and Personal Life

Creating healthy, strong, lasting relationships in your business and personal life is one key to happiness and success.  During  this webinar we will discuss the qualities that make a good relationship great and provide specific steps for incorporating them into your life.

Accountability Workshop

Once a goal has been created or an action has been assigned, how does a team or an individual take the steps that result in their work being accomplished on time?  In this workshop participants will be discuss and discover methods that instill a culture of accountability.

Listening Skills Workshop

Allowing for silence in a conversationo is difficult for many people. Everyone wants to feel and know that they have been heard.  In this workshop participants will learn specific skills that create positive relationships by letting people know that you have heard what they have said.

Hear what my clients have to say!

Your Difficult Conversations Toolkit workshop was fantastic!!  So many things you said surprised me; I now know I handled so many situations incorrectly in the past.  Your challenge to ask ourselves during conversations: "if I am right, what does that make the other person?" was sooo enlightening! The experience that made me write this testimonial is that I just had a very challenging issue with a client, and instead of reacting immediately after receiving a very negative email, I followed your advice to first think about what I wanted the results of today's phone negotiation to be. I also followed your advice to repeat back some of what my client said, and I consistently insured she knew I heard her.  In addition, instead of making assumptions about her motives (or deciding I had enough information) I followed your advice to ask questions that would allow me to understand exactly what she wanted from me.  Through that process I was shocked to learn SHE had made a number of incorrect assumptions that we were able to easily clear up due to my new ability to not react angrily or based on fear.  Instead, I focused on staying calm and conversational, communicating clearly and succinctly in a healthy adult manner. The results of that difficult conversation were exactly what I hoped for, and would have been impossible if I had not followed your advice."  T.M. | Mortgage Broker | Nashville, TN
Linda Zuk is a skilled facilitator, consultant and coach. Her clients rave about her work. I have personally attended her workshops as well, and can attest to the power of her programs. Linda knows what she is doing, is a gifted communicator, tells it like it is, and truly helps people to move forward with their goals. I highly recommend Linda Zuk.”Patty Farinola | The Awareness Studio | Atlanta,GA.
“Linda provided a concise and articulate webinar to our group which focuses on supporting careers of women in technology, The Metis Movement. Linda's topic of "Building Great Relationships in Your Work and Personal Life" contained valuable insight to our members and created a large draw from our followers, resulting in the largest participation to date. Linda was well prepared and gave a very compelling presentation on what stops people from having effective relationships at home and in the office as well as providing tools to our audience to help them build more effective relationships. I would recommend Linda as a presenter/speaker for business groups, individuals, and companies.”Lynn Anderson, |Founder & Chief Talent Partner |The Metis Movement