Speaking Engagements

My presentations are filled with energizing, inspiring, rich content -- and even a good laugh or two!

Speaking to groups is becoming one of my favorite things.  Sharing my knowledge and making a difference in the lives of my audience is very rewarding.  Everyone who attends one of my presentations leaves with something they can easily put to use in their business or personal lives.

Upcoming Speaking Engagements:

“What Makes Your Business Unique?”

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Tuesday, October 27th

10am – 11am

Audiences are inspired and moved to action when I speak.  Call me today!  Here are my speaking topics:

  • Difficult Conversation Toolkit

  • Game-Changing Communication Skills

  • Building Great Relationships in Your Work and Home Life

  • Listening Skills

  • Ten Ways to Create Work/Life Balance

  • Accountability

Hear what my clients have to say!

"Linda Zuk's talk on having a Difficult Conversation dove right into what holds us back from bringing up difficult topics (fear). She taught us how to identify and prepare for the outcome we want. She made it seem very "do-able." She offered real-life examples to illustrate her points. With situations provided by the audience, she demonstrated how to use her techniques. Her very practical handouts will serve as templates for difficult conversations beyond the presentation. Linda's style is warm and professional. If your organization needs a speaker on Communications who cuts to the chase and provides realistic solutions, Linda Zuk is an exceptional choice for you!"  Anita Hampl | ABWA:ELEN Express Networking | Alpharetta, GA
Thank you so much for your presentation this morning. I have heard nothing but positive response from many of the people who attended. You offered wonderful tips that will get people into action. I wish we’d had more time to tap into the knowledge that you have.  “Relationship, relationship, relationship” was a great way to end the program…people will remember that! I can’t thank you enough for today. You hit the nail on the head and dispensed important, quality information. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”Judy Thomas | Temple Sinai | Atlanta, GA
Having Difficult Conversations” is a topic that hits home for everyone, and it’s easy to run away from and avoid.   Yet, we know that we can benefit from sound Coaching, which assists us in achieving a successful outcome when having these conversations. Linda Zuk’s presentation at The Women’s Professional Development Group in Norcross, GA, provided sound Coaching, and effective suggestions to help someone maneuver easily through those tough conversations, whether personally or professionally.  Each person walked away with a checklist and useful material that they can access and use over and over again.  Our audience was very pleased and knows that Linda Zuk is an on-going resource for them and their organizations.  I heard many “thank you’s” as people left our event, empowered and encouraged.”Marie Fratoni - International Facilitator, Norcross, GA