Business Coaching & Facilitation

You want to have a successful business, great relationships and a balanced life. Your 'sigh of relief' is just a phone call away...

Business Coaching & Facilitation

Are you looking for clarity: clear priorities, clear goals, clear action or accountability? Are you clear about the Mission, Vision and Values of your company?  My coaching walks you through the maze of of hectic days, not-enough-time and where-do-I-start??

As a Registered Corporate Coach, I have found that coaching is so much more than just focusing on goals and making you do what you said you would do. Instead, I work with you to discover what stops you from accomplishing your goals. When you have freedom, you have power! My passion is having conversations that lead to new ideas, clarity of purpose, eliminating overwhelm and increasing focus. Through our collaboration, you will see your goals become achievements.

Benefits for Individuals and Teams

  • Building Strong, Lasting Business and Personal Relationships
  • Brainstorming Ideas and Translating them into Action
  • Bringing Calm to Chaos, Conflict or Confusion
  • Defining Your Company’s Mission, Vision and Values
  • Creating Strategies for Success
  • Setting and Achieving Goals

Working together doesn’t have to be stressful. Communicating with others doesn’t have to be frustrating. Setting and accomplishing your goals doesn’t have to be elusive. Relationships don’t have to be painful, and figuring it all out on your own doesn’t have to be your only option.

Hear what my clients have to say!

I have been struggling with bringing a business idea to fruition. I had pieces but couldn't figure out one key part. Linda did an amazing job of asking questions, actively listening, understanding what I was struggling with in a way I didn't recognize and then teaching me how to see it in myself. She "taught me to fish", creating an AH-HA! moment that was tremendously powerful and very insightful. I thought my issue was in one area and because of her skills as a business coach, Linda determined my issue was actually in a different area and once she opened my mind to that, everything fell in to place. This is a gift and a skill and I am very impressed with how she worked with me as well as how she taught me. Thank you Linda! I hope anyone reading this will seriously consider working with Linda - you'll be glad you do.”Sue Ryan | JSR Advisors | Atlanta, GA
Using her customized online assessment tool, Linda Zuk was able to gather the data we needed to move into our two day retreat. What was most remarkable is that it was almost completely driven by data my team provided. We were able to jump right in and begin the process. The data allowed staff to "see themselves" in the data and own the issues we addressed during our retreat. We had the time to look at issues that needed to be discussed and to create goals and an action plan that would move us forward during the next year and particularly during the next 90-days. I was very impressed with the rigorous data-gathering process, meeting facilitation, and follow up coaching. In addition, I found Linda to be extremely responsive to the organizational needs of our team. She was flexible and collaborative during the entire period of retreat planning, data gathering, and follow up coaching, insuring the unique challenges of our team were addressed in the process."Marsha L. Vanderford, PhD, Dir, | Emergency Communication System | Centers For Disease Control and Prevention | Atlanta, GA | 2007
I truly appreciate the holistic approach that Linda Zuk took in developing our newly constituted organization and team. She was sensitive to our needs in both content and context, and spent a considerable amount of time getting to know the individuals who make up this senior team and assessing the organization. By the end of the three-month engagement, we had not only collaborated on the development of a strong, inspiring mission and vision, but had begun to forge a synergistic organization with clear goals that is capable of taking on the challenges that face us daily. I would work with Linda Zuk again as our team considers our next strategic moves!”Donna Garland | Coordinator | Emergency Communication System | Centers for Disease Control and Prevention | Atlanta, GA | 2004
Starting and managing a new law firm can be intense. For over five years, Linda has helped us adapt to our ever-changing practice and channel our energies into serving our clients”Chris Miller | Robinson & Miller | Alpharetta, GA
I have avoided developing my company's mission and vision for years, simply because I didn't know where to start. Linda has walked me through the process and it was so simple doing it with her. I have also set goals for the direction of my company (as I have done many times in the past). Working with Linda, I am actually working on those goals and moving toward some exciting results. Linda is gentle, yet firm in guiding me though these processes. She has invaluable insight and words of encouragement when I become frustrated & stuck.”Michelle Austell | Chaffins, Batdorf & Austell, CPA | Marietta, GA